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My Insti Rocks

The atmosphere hare encourages great enthusiasm in their students. I highly recommend Vidyasagar to everyone who is aiming for highly effective coaching to achieve a great professional career. The name of institute is completely justified as VIDYA- SAGAR.

Purva Bansal, CS Professional Student


The mentorship by highly experienced faculty helped me by guiding & motivating me when it was most needed at the stressful time of examinations. I give complete credit to the Institute for my progress.

Salonie Gupta , CA Final Student


Faculty is extremely phenomenal and supportive. They were available whenever I needed them. The teaching method adopted by faculty is such that I could never feel the tension in the classroom.

Aditya Bagaria , CA IPC Student


My experience at VICS is an excellent educational learning experience. The faculty here is highly experienced and pleasant they are not only knowledgeable about the course material but also provide a great mentorship”.

Mayank Gupta, CS Executive Student


VICS by far has been positive, motivational and highly educational. I have enjoyed studying here. It organizes award functions which creates a great amount of enthusiasm in students. I have been impressed by the way VICS staff goes above and beyond to make sure that students are comfortable with the teachers and ambience. I highly recommend VICS to any individual interested in expanding their educational needs.

Shifali Mittal , CS Professional Student


My experience with VICS has always been wonderful. My teachers are always available and extremely supportive. VICS provides various types of programmes which makes it versatile. Teachers try to bring new type of knowledge to our classrooms everyday. I have referred others to join this place who are looking forward for better classes. Overall VICS is a great place to study.

Chahat Bansal,CS Professional Student